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about DRZT

   About DRZT   

Duedroi Rangwang Zhidhey Tshogchung ( DRZT) Animal Rights and Welfare Association (ARWA) is CSOA registered Tshogpa under registration No. CSOA/PBO-46, PO Box 920, Thimphu.

The Duedroi Rangwang Zhidhey Tshogchung ( DRZT) is a non-profit organization established to cultivate compassion for animals by promoting the abstention from consuming all animal meat related products, so as to benefit all sentient beings, irrespective of any religion or caste; to advise and support in the development and promotion of vegetarianism.

We educate people to lead life in accordance with truth and high morality at all levels that affect our spiritual, physical and mental development. This noble and sustainable concept was initially born in the hearts of group of merciful people who initiated the creation of a Wechat group to save ill fated animals from the butchers. The DRZT was formed in mid 2015 in dedication to the 60th Birth Annualsary of the 4th Druk Gyalpo, the founding father of GNH for all sentient beings. The DRZT Foundation Day is fixed on 11th of November coinciding with His Majesty the Fourth King’s birth Anniversary and the Children’s Day.

The DRZT has 7 trustee board members with over 10,386 members in 20 Dzongkhags, USA, Dubai and Australia who are guided by the DRZT Article of Associations, Service Rules and Regulations, Financial Manual, and Memorandum of Association of the Civil Society Organization Authority.

Scope of Activities

The scope of the activities covers wide range of topics such as Karzay (vegetarian), lifestyle, Advocacy programmes, conducting training on vegetable culinary, designing and distribution of advocacy materials such as pamphlet/ brochures and posters. Observation of World Vegetarian Day, DRZT Foundation Day and Development of Vegetarian data base are the main aims and objectives of the Association.

Since the functions of the Association is intended to promote peace, love and affection to animals and society at large, the Association and its members will use any measures to stop bloodshed and killing of animals.

However, the Association will never coerce any individual to follow the Association and its instructions but will persuade to follow its recommendations, suggestions, practices lead by example. The Association will help everyone and seek their supports, cooperation as the public dissemination will be the main focus of activities.

   Aims & Objectives   

The Association is formed to promote peaceful life for all sentient beings, without imposing but through persuasion:

  • To promote ways and means to adopt a Karzay lifestyle
  • To strive to avoid or reduce ways and means of a Marzay lifestyle
  • To emphasize the building of worthy relationships between human beings and the four elements of earth, water, fire and wind (Djung-wa-Zhi)
  • To disseminate the benefits of non-violence and a lifestyle of vegetarianism that does not demand killing of animals
  • To cultivate good intention and knowledge in human beings through disseminating of information and promotion.